January wrap-up:

If I don’t forget… (and I sure hope I don’t…) I will post a monthly wrap-up from now on! I will post about a few categories: books, comics, movies and tv-shows (the ones I finished during the past month). Let’s begin:

1. Books

The first one I read was ‘The climate book’ (Het Klimaatboek in Dutch) created by Greta Thunberg. This one I had already started reading in December and I have to admit it, I did not finish it completely but most of it I did. You can find my review on this blog:


Then I read a historical non-fiction book called ‘De Bourgondische Vorsten (1315-1530)’ by Edward De Maesschalck. This is the second in four books about Belgian history. This book is centred on the Burgundian reign over Flanders. My (Dutch) review can be found on my blog:


Then came book 2 in Toni Coppers’ Alex Berger crime series (another one in Dutch):


Followed by another historical book: ‘The Story of Flanders’, published because of the tv-show currently on Belgian tv:


Next was a short by Jamie Kort, a weird scary and funny little tale:


I also read a short story that will be a prequel to a trilogy, that was offered by author and publisher:, ‘The Fake Vermeer’ (De Vervalste Vermeer):


I was also asked to participate in a booktour for a new release by Belgian author Alexander Colin and his ‘Angsteiland’ (Fear Island) about a new reality tv show that goes awry:


Then came Holly Black’s ‘Book of Night’ (Dief van de Nacht), an adult fantasy novel, in a beautiful limited edition:


I also participated in two read alongs. The first one was a indie horror story about a toxic mother-daughter relationship, Caitlin Marceau’s ‘This is where we talk things out’:


And the other read along in January was for Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’… what a ride this book has been!


And finally I also read a book about how life was in Belgium, in the fifties… around the time the World Expo was in Brussels! ‘Everything was different then’ (roughly translated from the Dutch title: ‘Vroeger was alles anders

The review will be posted in February.

I managed to finish one tiny gooey story as well called ‘Tooth Worms’ by Lor Gislason. I will post a little review, added to their novella ‘Inside Out’ which will be posted in February. (Keep an out for that one) 😉

2. Comics / Graphic Novels

I also read a few comics (Dutch language) and one graphic novel:

Years of the Elephant (Jaren van de Olifant) by Willy Linthout:


Suske en Wiske – De geplaagde Plantijn


And then two more in the French series: Ric Hochet (Rik Ringers):

Gesneuveld voor Frankrijk
Commisaris Griot
Tiercé van de dood

3. Tv-Shows

I did not finish a lot of tv-shows in January but I managed to watch a few (and started a few others in the meantime):

I finally finished all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls

I also watched the first seasons of Hope Street and That ‘90s Show

And I finished watching The Midnight Club by Mike Flanagan (definitely not his best show unfortunately)

4. Movies

And finally I can sum up the movies I (re)watched in January:

(Some of the movies I reviewed on this blog, so feel free to check those out 😉)

Le Otto Montagne (The Eight Mountains)

A Beautiful Mind

Sagrada Familia, le défi de Gaudì

Glass Onion

The Pale Blue Eye

Freddy’s Dead: the Final Nightmare

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Freddy vs Jason

A Nightmare on Elmstreet (reboot)


Alien: Covenant

La La Land



Jimmy Carr: His Dark Materials

My Best Friend’s Exorcism



No Exit

The Boss Baby

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Ghost Ship

Romeo + Juliet

Well, that’s it for January 2023! February is a shorter month so I’m curious how much I will manage to read/watch then… see you next time!

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