A Puppet scorned

  • Author: Jamie Kort
  • Independently published
  • Pages: 33 (kindle)
Hell hath no fury like…

The child faced me as I lay there, I searched its visage for some semblance of puppanity, but I found none…

That quote from this short story proves the non-conformity of this story. It’s not your everyday kind of tale written by your everyday kind of writer. But even though some reviewers find this a strange one, for me it’s definitely not the weirdest I’ve ever read or seen.

No, it’s actually a fun and funny little story about sock puppets having sex and when that leads to the ‘birth’ of a new breed of sock puppet, mom and baby are rejected by Brad, the male sock puppet. But love is stronger and when a sock puppet sets its mind to something, there’s no escaping it!

I applaud originality and little quirky tales with a new twist… so this was pretty good. I also enjoyed the wordplay very much. All this made for a very refreshing short story.

Now, where did I leave my socks? I hope they didn’t mate…

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