April 2023 Wrap-up

If I don’t forget… (and I sure hope I don’t…) I will post a monthly wrap-up from now on! I will post about a few categories: books, comics, movies and tv-shows (the ones I finished during the past month). Let’s begin:

Before I start my wrap-up: I’ve had a weird month and read way less than I initially planned to. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of books I received and fell into a reading slump for a few weeks… not that I didn’t read anything, I just read a lot less than my usual. By now, when I write this, it’s the month of May and I already regained momentum and finished one book already… so I’m back… April was also a month I was feeling ill a lot… that’s over now, I hope… that might have been a cause as well,.. so here I am… with a new wrap-up, albeit a slightly smaller one than the previous months…

1. Books

Seven books were read ik April:

  • Marc Raabe – De Kelder
  • Edward Ashton – Mickey7
  • Edward De Maesschalck- Oranje tegen Spanje (1500 – 1648)
  • Max Porter – Shy
  • Daniel Silva – Gabriel Allon: Portet van een onbekende Vrouw
  • Diane De Keyzer – Quel Bordel: de geschiedenis van de prostitutie in de Belgische steden
  • Wouter Dehairs – Keller Brik: De Graffitimoorden

2. Comics / Graphic Novels

I did manage to read a fair amount of comics/graphic novels (almost all in the same series)

  • Mia Kobabe – Gender Queer: een memoir
  • Edgar P. Jacobs – De ‘U’ Straal
  • Jean Van Hamme – De Vuurpijl
  • Batman/The Flash: The Button Deluxe Edition
  • Guust 8: Flaters bij de vleet
  • Guust 9: Van flaters gesproken
  • Guust 10: Flaters van formaat
  • Guust 11: Welterusten, Flater
  • Guust 12: Het geval Flater
  • Guust 13: Die reuze flater
  • Guust 14: Flaters, floppen en flouzen
  • Guust 15: De flaterbende
  • Guust 16: Flater verdient een optater
  • Guust 17: De Flatersaga

3. Tv-Shows

In April I finished a few tv-shows and started a few:

I managed to watch the last season of His Dark Materials!

I also started with Midsomer Murders and finished the first season of this British crime series. In the following weeks and months I’ll be continuing this serie!

I also started ànd finished the latest season if Death in Paradise! Neville is the best detective they have had and I’m glad he’ll be staying on for a few more seasons!

My boyfriend and I are continuing our Marvel/(previously on) Netflix series, and we started the first season of Jessica Jones!

I also started the first season of Will & Grace, long overdue, I’d say!

There’s the new season of Father Brown as well, I already watched three episodes!

And in the beginning of April I binged Dan Brown’s Langdon: The Lost Symbol. (My review should be online here on this blog)

4. Movies

April really was a weird month for me as I haven’t watched all too many movies either… Here’s what I did see:

  • Security
  • X
  • Escape Room (rewatch)
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
  • Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (rewatch)
  • The Passion of the Christ
  • Those who wish me dead
  • Zillion
  • Fall
  • Heat (rewatch)

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