R.I.P. Christopher Fowler

I’m utterly devastated but the news that one of my favourite British authors passed away on 2 March. He was only 69 years old, far too young!

For those who don’t know Fowler, he’s most famous for his Bryant and May detective series. But also Spanky, Disturbia and Roofworld are books by him…

This news came like a shock… I wasn’t expecting to hear this today…

The funny thing is, you don’t personally know someone and still it feels as if you’ve lost a dear friend. Through the books they write you can feel a kinship with someone…

I had the same feeling when Michael Crichton passed away in 2008 or when Mo Hayder’s passing was announced in 2021 and I’m sure the moment authors should die, such as Stephen King or Jonathan Kellerman, writers I grew up with. The love for books came from these people, they showed me worlds in which I can escape when I’m not feeling good.

Fowler’s writing was a great mix between horror, humour and a dash of mystery!

For those who don’t know Bryant and May: both are octogenarian detectives who lead a department in the London Metropolitan Police (The Met) called The Peculiar Crimes Unit. This unit investigates those cases that are weird, unsolvable or have a supernatural aspect to them. The peculiarities are not only found in the cases they investigate, but also in the two detectives themselves especially Mr. Bryant… The series is a bit of a modern take on Sherlock Holmes, but with a twist. Definitely worth a read (I might even pick up the series again real soon!)

Mr. Fowler, you shall be missed! Rest and sleep now.

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