Lor Gislason stories:

Inside Out
  • Author: Lor Gislason
  • Publisher: Darklit Press
  • Publishing year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 91 (with content warning)
  • ISBN: 978-1738658527


Gooey, grim, gloopy and bloody fun(ny)

With a lot of references to a certain not-so-long ago pandemic and how people react in such situations (from the unbeliever to the religious nutcase, from the relentless scientist to the person next door. We get a range of vantage points and stories of people meeting the blobbish pile of inverted melting people… and some survive, but most just perish…

This story reminded me of the 1988 movie ‘The Blob’ (which I will rewatch and review soon!)

But I loved how this story full of body horror was filled with real people’s emotions and thoughts! Because the gore and viciousness was only just a part of this entire novella!

This is a description of how people react in moments of crisis (something we often see in movies with apocalyptic themes) and it either brings the best but (in movies and novels and probably in a lot of people in reality as well) more often the worst in them to the surface!

I kind of felt Lor had a bit of revenge on past experiences in this book (this is only a feeling, I am not sure this is true though) like bullying, parents who are against certain life’s choices… things like that… (as I said, I could be wrong!)

This novella has a serious amount of trigger warnings at the back, if you are sensitive to these kind of things please go and check them out first before reading it!

Great debut! Another great name in the indiehorror community I started following.

Tooth Worms
  • Number of pages: 11 (kindle)
  • Publisher: Darklit Press
  • Publishing year: 2022


This is a very short story by Lori. They sure know how to gross people out with the content of these little tales… oh how I like this!

This one is about toothache and what might be lurking inside those cavities left behind when teeth are pulled…

Gnarly short but oh so good!

If you go to the website of Darklit Press you can get it for free!

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