Movie review ‘Malignant’ (2021)

  • Director: James Wan
  • With: Annabelle Wallis, George Young, Maddie Hasson, Michole Briana White, Marina Mazepa, Ray Chase
  • Duration: 1h51
  • Music by: Joseph Bishara
  • My rating: 8,5/10
  • Mid- or post-credit scene: no


Twenty-seven long years after the brutal Simion Research Hospital incident, abused Madison wakes up in a hospital in present-day Seattle. But with numbing visions of murder getting in the way of a normal life, more and more, Madison’s obscure past emerges, baffling both herself and the local detectives. Are these explicitly violent killings figments of Madison’s troubled imagination? Either way, someone, or better yet, something, links the past to the present, demanding closure and blood. Is the bogeyman real?


I don’t see the reason why this movie was shut down by so many. James Wan clearly had fun making this and I enjoy his movies, whether he directs or produces, there aren’t many I don’t like.

Maddison has visions of murders while they are happening. Some strange killer seems connected to her in some way and that killer is brutally murdering people that appear to have been in Maddison’s past. Together with her sister, Sydney, and two detectives, Kekoa and Regina, she are trying to stop the killer and find the truth behind the murders (and murdered)

This is a movie that has all the trademarks pf a great B-horrormovie but with one of the top horror movie directors at the helm. Some scenes could easily be part of a great dark horror videogame (the fight in the prison cell and police station!) and that makes for a quality horror flick!

If it wasn’t yet established: James Wan is a true Horror Master! And this movie just proves it again!

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