Movie review ‘Barbarian’ (2022)

  • Director: Zach Cregger
  • With: Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake,
  • Music by: Anna Drubich
  • Duration: 1h 43
  • Platform: Disney+
  • Studio: 20th Century Studios
  • My rating: 8/10
  • Mid- or post-credit scenes: yes


In town for a job interview, a young woman arrives at her Airbnb rental late at night only to find that the house has been mistakenly double-booked and a strange man is already staying there. Against her better judgment, she decides to stay the night anyway, but soon discovers that there is much more to be afraid of in the house than the other house guest.


A mother’s love… that could have been a great title for this movie…

This movie is sick and weird but so good, in its weirdness.

When a young woman, Tess, rents an airBnB that seems to be double booked she ends up spelding the evening with Keith, the guy that was already in the house. They talk and eventually decide that she should get the room while he’ll stay in the couch. The day after she goes to her job interview and when she gets back to the house she ends up being locked in the basement, until Keith comes back and helps her. But Tess has found something in the basement…

In the meantime AJ, an actor, hears he’s fired from his acting job because of a rape accusation. To save himself from financial ruin he goes to Detroit, Michigan to check on his house… the same house Keith and Tess rented.

This movie was creepy in the same way the original Wrong Turn was… I won’t spoil anything so my review will be pretty brief, but I recommend this if you are a fan of Wrong Turn, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The People under the Stairs…

It’s always great to see Justin Long do his utmost for these weird little movies… and his performance here is just 👌

And never underestimate a Mother’s love and determination! Ooh, and don’t go in basements if you don’t want to get trapped 😜

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