Halloween Movie Marathon: Halloween II (1981)

  • Director: Rick Rosenthal
  • With: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Dick Warlock, Lance Guest, Jeffrey Kramer
  • Duration: 1h32
  • Music by: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
  • My rating: 6/10


After Doctor Samuel Loomis shoots Michael Myers six times, Michael escapes and is now on the loose in Haddonfield. Laurie Strode is taken to the hospital and Doctor Loomis continues to hunt down Michael with the help of the police. Michael continues killing the citizens of Haddonfield and heads to the hospital to kill Laurie. It’s now up to an Injured Laurie and Doctor Loomis to stop Michael and his murderous rampage.


Why do I remember this movie differently? I thought this was actually a better movie before. But now that I’ve rewatched it, after many years, I was a bit let down. It has its moments, its definitely more violent and has a bit more gore (still less than other slasher movies though) but people make such bad decisions in this movie. And what hospital has a jacuzzi, for god’s sake, where nurses and other staff get to relax during working hours?

Okay, that might seem a bit silly of me to stumble on that scene… but there are a few more where I sat here watching, thinking: why?

Still, as I said, it has its moments… The tension in this one lies more in the looking of Dr. Loomis for Michael, while he stalks other people and an entire hospital ward’s staff (where was all the other staff from different wards? 🤷‍♂️) Michael is played by another actor, its mask worn a little bit (as if many years had gone by between the first one and this one 😂) and he is definitely more brutal. But he also seems a bit unguided… whereas his killings in the first Halloween movie were often a warning for young viewers to not fool around with drugs and have sex at a too young age (my interpretation honestly), here he randomly kills all he encounters… from a teenage girl on the phone to the entire hospital staff… (woops spoiler, I guess) and his means of killing have changed too… all bets are off! (Again I refer to Randy Meeks in the Scream-franchise: in the sequel all bets are off, there’s more killings and they are more elaborate)

The question now is: did Dr. Loomis kill the unkillable?

One more remark: again this movie has very dark scenes (fewer than the original though) and that is a bit of a shame as it takes away from the suspense for me…

So yeah, I used to call this a worthy sequel but rewatching it after so many years proves to be an eye opener 👀 This will definitely not rank very high on my list in the end…

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