Movie review ‘Virus’ (1999)

  • Director: John Bruno
  • With: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Joanna Pacula, Marshall Bell, Sherman Augustus, Cliff Curtis
  • Duration: 1h39
  • Studio: Universal studios
  • Based on the Dark Horse comic book series: Virus by Chuck Pfarrer
  • Music by: Joel McNeely
  • My rating: 7/10


When a typhoon cripples their boat, the crew sails into the eye of the storm, where they discover a high-tech Russian communications and research vessel adrift. Only one Russian crew member is still alive, raving about “intelligent lightning.” They soon discover that an alien life form has taken over the ship’s computers and is churning out mechanical warriors. With their own boat destroyed, the crew must battle the creature as the ship reenters the storm.


When is a movie good or bad? Luckily this is something we all have to decide for ourselves… the same goes with this sci-fi movie from the late nineties. Originally written as a movie screenplay in the early nineties by Chuck Pfarrer, but deemed too difficult to adapt because of the lack of technological special effects in those days, it was adapted in a comic book in 1995.

But then special effects got better (or at least CGI was improved at the time) and in the late nineties they managed to make a movie of it. This being the result. Hated by Jamie Lee Curtis (saying herself it’s the worst movie she ever saw, also wanting Steve Miner to direct but that didn’t pan out) but by now it managed to get a small fanbase, making it a bit of a cult movie.

At the time this was released, we got to see a few similar movies: Deep Rising, Deep Blue Sea, Ghost Ship… a band of misfits gets thrown into an abnormal situation and they suddenly have to try and survive… (either on sea or similar secluded areas)

The best idea of this movie, in my opinion, is that we, humans, are the virus that destroys everything on our path and the machines have to eradicate us… ah well, might be some truth in it, no?

I remember going to the cinema in the late nineties, early 2000’s (almost weekly) and at a certain moment this came in my path and I enjoyed it at the time. So recently (only just yes) I found a bluray of the movie and I just had to have it… so yeah, it’s not the best sci-fi movie, I admit it… but it’s got its moments! Short Circuit meets Ghost Ship! 😉

Based on the comic book series ‘Virus’

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