Novella review ‘The Devil’s Mountain’

  • Author: Jack Harding
  • Publisher: DarkLit Press
  • Publishing year: 2022
  • number of pages: 44 (Tolino e-reader)
  • My rating: 3,5/5
The Devil’s Mountain


From the author of React and Driving in the Dark comes a fresh slice of slow-boiling, psychological horror that will chill you to the bone.

Deep in Berlin’s Grunewald forest, lurking in the silent winter fog, lies a man-made hill forged from the ruins of World War 2. On top of the hill stands an old spy station that’s been empty since the fall of the Iron Curtain nearly 30 years ago.

Dylan and Nikki are a young, adventurous British couple who have just one more sight to check off their abandoned Berlin list before they head home. Journey with them as they explore the darkened halls and corridors of a Cold War mausoleum caught between the past and the present- frozen in time. Journey with them to The Devil’s Mountain, a place that will change their lives forever…


When a couple is exploring an abandoned site somewhere in the woods near Berlin, they stumble upon a dark figure, while the dark approaches! The Devil’s Mountain is a place you better avoid!

This story builds slowly towards an eerie conclusion. Dylan’s musings and fear in this dark tale give off a claustrophobic vibe. It has the same atmosphere as Cabin in the Woods or Cabin Fever, mixed with a little of Overlord’s Nazi remnants. Urban exploring can be a deadly thing that much is clear!

Harding releases a collection of stories, this one is included in it as well! As are ‘Driving in the Dark’ and ‘React’ (both are reviewed on this blog before!) so I have already encountered some of his work and I do look forward to ‘Dark Lines: Haunting Tales of Horror’! (Go look for it on Amazon now!!!) and if you are on Instagram, he’s a great guy!

As for my rating of 3,5/5… you might wonder, if he likes the story that much why not a higher rating? Well, if I’m honest (I always am!) this is not his best so far! Ot is a good dark horror tale but compared to Driving in the Dark and React, this is just not up there! Still, I wouldn’t read it in the dark, at night… and I don’t plan on wandering in woods alone in the dark either! 🤭

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