Short story review ‘My Mother’s Eyes’

  • Author: Jeremy Ray
  • Publisher: independently published
  • Publishing year: 2022
  • Number of pages: 39
  • My rating: 4,5/5
My Mother’s Eyes

Synopsis: (according to author’s website)

No one knows if his mother will come out of her coma, so fourteen-year-old Jordie memorializes her in the only way he knows how: by drawing her. His older brother doesn’t approve of these sketches, but Jordie’s determined to capture the person she used to be. Unfortunately, Jordie must draw her from memory because his mom didn’t keep pictures, and her body in the hospital no longer looks like her. But the images of her are quickly fading, and if he doesn’t get a drawing right soon, the mother he remembers may slip away forever. No matter how close Jordie gets to completing a drawing, his mom’s most vital feature always evades him.


Since I became a member of the bookstagram community, I got to know so many great writers. Among them is Jeremy Ray, who was actually the first to offer me one of his books to read and review, The Gatherings. (I may review his other writings in a different post in the near future!)

Since then I have loved everything he wrote so far! He is also the inventor of the ‘Microstory’, little short stories he adds in front of his novels and shorts and those he bundled last year in his ‘Little Book of tiny Tales’!

Now about ‘My Mother’s Eyes’, I love how Jeremy is not stuck on one genre. He dabbled in horror, thriller, he even wrote a story from the viewpoint of a plant… and now he brought me tears, literally!

This is such a strong and impactful story about two brothers that are mourning their mother, although she is not dead (yet?) but in a coma. And it shows just how different people cope with heartache and with grief and sadness.

I am glad Jeremy’s mother has persuaded him to publish this because in my opinion this is one of his stronger written stories!

It also made me think about the fact that the people gone from my life… how well do I remember them, how they looked and acted. And I realised that memory is a weird thing. This story shows us how weird!

Thank you, Jeremy… I needed this! ❤️

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