Book Review ‘The Galston House’

  • Author: Marc Layton
  • publishing year: 2020
  • Publisher: Blank Publishing
  • Number of pages: 42 (ibooks)
  • My rating: 4/5


Clive and Adrien Done are eager to start their lives together. When they purchase an old, dilapidated home for a steal, they’re cautiously optimistic they’ll be able to restore it to its old glory. But on their first official night in the home, their optimism turns to terror.

The previous owners failed to disclose the home’s dark history and the even more disturbing truth about former occupant, Albert Knewl.

A nighmare ensues!


This was a creepy, eerie little horror tale that I loved, albeit a little short. I’m sure this could be elaborated even more, get a lore of its own.

As it is short and I don’t want to spoil anything I will keep my review short, but if you like haunted houses and a Badabook-like feel in a story, this is definitely one doe you!

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