Book review ‘Disciples of Nergal’

  • Author: Thomas Gloom
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Number of pages: 59 (iBook)
  • My rating:

Synopsis: via website author)

Pandemics aren’t fun…

…especially when evil forces are involved. 

Billy misses the days when all he worried about was wearing a mask and washing his hands.

Slain Lamb Ministries has come to town, led by a charismatic speaker by the name of Pastor Akka. Billy shrugs it off until he receives a phone call. His father has been swept up in the madness. Can Billy do what is necessary to bring him back from the brink of insanity?


This was a free ebook I received by Thomas Gloom.

His sister calls him ‘Big’ and his father doesn’t call at all… until his father joins a new religious cult, he didn’t mind but now his sister is in danger… his friend and roommate, Omar, wants to help but feels the wrath of the followers of this cult. So Billy decides to get his sister out himself but he’ll breaks loose!

This was another of Gloom’s cult horror stories, although Voodoo Child was different in tone… I love a good folky, cult horror story…and this one is about sacrifice and the love between siblings… a lot of twists and turns and even for a short story it’s filled with enough action… it ended differently than I expected… and there’s even a twist in the end that you won’t see coming there!

And for those who love indie horror and would love to get to know more indie writers, listen to Into the Gloom podcast (available on Spotify) where author Thomas Gloom interviews other writers!

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