Book review ‘Things have gotten worse since we last spoke’

  • Writer: Eric Larocca
  • Publishing year: 2021
  • Number of pages: 64 (e-book)
  • Publisher: Weirdpunk Books
  • My rating: 3,5/5⭐️

What a weird little tale! This will resonate for a while, I’m sure!

Two women get into contact via an ad on a queer chatsite, early 2000. They keep in contact via mail and Instant Messenger and some form of a bond is created between them. Is it love? Or is it a tug-and-pull-game between them? Whatever it is, someone is bound to get hurt!

I know, the premise I just wrote might not be completely accurate but that’s the vibe I got from it. As I said, it’s a weird little tale of love and of connection… The reason I wanted to read this was that amazing artwork on the cover! (Kudos to @weirdpunkbooks for that, btw!) – this was my first @ejlarocca story… Now I’m curious what more he has in store…

Did I fall in love with this? No… but I was intrigued… I do love the format (emails and IM’s) and it was an easy, fast read… (‼️what follows is a spoiler, so skip if you haven’t read it‼️) and somehow, this was my third interaction with some kind of a worm in books (The Troop and The Conquerer Worms were the first)

I will give this a 3,5/5⭐️ and as I said: I will be looking for more Larocca stories now (I hope he has more sick & twisted things coming) 😎

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