Novecento: un monologo

  • Scrittore: Alessandro Baricco
  • Editore: Feltrinelli Editore
  • Numeri delle pagine: 64
  • Valutazione: 3,5/5 ⭐️

Divertente, simpatico… per uno che ha imparato 4 anni della lingua, dell’italiano, va bene leggerlo! Ho dovuto cercare alcune parole ma ce l’ho fatta senza cercare troppo!

Funny little story, read it in Italian… 4 years of Italian makes it possible to understand at least 75-80% of this booklet! Had to look up a few words but most I got from context!

I did it, believe it or not… I read my first book(let) in Italian 🙌🇮🇹

This is a monologue, a theatre text… told from the perspective of a man who tells the story of Novecento, the boy who was found in a box on the ship called Virginian by Danny Boodman, the boy who never leaves the ship! The boy is given the name Danny Boodman T D Lemon Novecento, for the man who found him, the text found on the box and because he was found at the start of the century (Novecento in Italian also means the 20th century)
When Danny dies, Novecento disappears for a while. When they finally find him back, he’s playing the piano like a virtuoso! Jazz, ragtime… he all learned it by himself… and it gives him a certain fame! The boy (man) who never leaves the ship ends up in a duel with ‘The Man who discovered Jazz’!

There are some really fun passages in this story (the duel, the ending as well – won’t spoil anything) and although I only had 4 years of Italian, I managed to read this without too much research… most I got from context!

Glad I can finally say I have read a book in Italian, I am kind of proud of myself now 😅

For those who are interested in the story, there has been a 1998 movie adaptation with Tim Roth, called The Legend of 1900!

Ce l’ho fatta! 💪 ho letto il mio primo libro in italiano, sono molto contento! Sono fiero di me stesso.


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