• Author: Christopher Badcock
  • Publisher: Darklit Press
  • Publishing year: 2023
  • Number of pages: 27 (Tolino E-Reader)
  • ISBN:


A free novella by Darklit Horror, written by ‘Those you killed’ author Christopher Badcock, now that’s what I call a nice gift!!

“When did anyone ever promise us life would be fair?”

This is a little story about losing the love of your life and feeling left alone with grief and heart pain.

Isobel lost Lottie and is drinking her sorrows away. She feels all alone in the world. The only thing she clings onto is the memory of Lottie’s tattoo of a hummingbird. So one night she decides to visit a tattoo shop and have her own little Hummingbird. Daka, the native American tattooist wants to help her with the pain. He starts a ritual that will change Isobel’s life forever.

I’m not really sure what happened in the story, to be quite honest. And I wouldn’t want to spoil anything so let me just say that this was a fun little story with a very bittersweet ending… Isobel, who is an alcoholic ever since Lottie died, kind of reminds me of how my father was and how he drank himself to death… so the story itself didn’t quite resonate with me completely… (and I have to admit I was dead tired when I read it, which didn’t help either) so I might need to revisit it in the future.

I know Christopher is a great writer so I would never hate his stories but this was not something I felt the same about as I did with hos previous work. Maybe because of its short length? Maybe because of the memories?

What I did like is that it is a story that feels like redemption for Isobel, some kind of second chance… and I comfort myself with that thought.

And a free story is a free story so go and get it from the website from Darklit Press and read it yourself… maybe you can convince me to read it again!

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