Halloween Movie Marathon: Halloween H2O: 20 years later (1998)

  • Director: Steve Miner
  • With: Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, Ll Cool J, Will Brennan, Michelle Williams, Janet Leigh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Duration: 1h26
  • Music by: John Ottman & Marco Beltrami (theme by John Carpenter)
  • My rating: 8,5/10
  • Mid- or post-credit scene: no


Twenty years after Michael Myers’ massacre in Haddonfield, Laurie Strode faked her own death, traveled to California, and took on the identity Keri Tate. Michael discovers Laurie’s new identity and travels to California to kill his sister. Laurie must now take on her brother with her son’s life at stake.


First and foremost… this is my favourite Halloween movie (to date…)! So that’s out of the way, I know a lot of you will probably wish me to the deepest trenches of hell for saying this… but this is my number one! And I can explain why!

This movie couldn’t have been made without the success of movies such as Scream and Child’s Play’s revival movie: Bride of Chucky… the second half of the nineties were filled with major horror and thriller blockbusters (with teens in the lead roles) and this movie was surfing on that high… the forementioned movie titles just two of them… others were The Faculty, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Urban Legend, I know what you did last Summer, Disturbing Behaviour… all of these contributed to the success of this Halloween movie. And I’m glad it did and that it got made because admit it, there have been so many atrocious sequels… we needed this!

And Jamie Lee Curtis is back! We even get to see her mother, Janet Leigh, in a small role (referencing her role in Psycho! Listen to the music when she’s at her car! Btw, that same year a remake of Psycho came out as well!!!)

Upcoming star Josh Hartnett plays her 17 year old son in this movie and his girlfriend is played by Michelle Williams (whom we know from Dawson’s Creek, another teen filled show… lots of the actors from that show would later play a role in on of the movies I listed before)

Steve Miner (who is familiar with horror sequels as he directed Friday the 13th Part 2 and III before) directed this one. And I have to say, the only thing missing in this movie, for me personally, is the score by John Carpenter (that could have made it even better!)

Kevin Williamson, who wrote some of the movies and the Dawson’s Creek tv-series returned for this movie as well. And that contributed as well to its greatness! We need more people like Williamson, in my opinion! Btw, didn’t he write a line in Scream saying: never, ever say ‘I’ll be back’ or you won’t survive a horror movie? 😏 (notice as well that they are watching Scream 2 at a certain point in this movie, while in the first Scream film, they were watching the original Halloween movie!)

But for now (I still have a few more Halloween movies to (re)watch before my final judgment can be formed) this is my favourite Halloween move, then comes the original (I know, it should be the other way round, but well 🤷‍♂️)

Next: the much hated Halloween Resurrection 🤦‍♂️ I remember liking it at the time but… well, you know… that movie has issues 🤣

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