Halloween Movie Marathon: ‘Halloween IV The Return of Michael Myers’ (1988)

  • Director: Dwight H. Little
  • With: Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell, Danielle Harris, George P. Wilbur, Beau Starr
  • Music by: Alan Howarth
  • Duration: 1h28
  • My rating: 5,5/10


It’s October 30, 1988 and Michael Myers has been in a coma since his pursuit of Laurie Strode, 10 years ago, was finally stopped (events of H1 and H2). However when he is transfered from Richmond Mental Institute to Smith’s Grove he awakes when he hears that he has a niece in Haddonfield and after killing the transfer crew he escapes. In Haddonfield, the niece, Jamie, has been adopted by the Carruthers family but keeps having nightmares about Michael (but she doesn’t know who he is). On Halloween night, Jamie goes out trick and treating, little knowing that her murdering Uncle is following her and her step-sister Rachel. Rushing to her aid is Dr. Loomis and with the help of Sheriff Meeker starts to search the town for Michael and to find Jamie to protect her. But can anything stop Michael this time?


Well, this was not the best Halloween movie… (I’m curious what the next two will be like 🤷‍♂️)

The movie diverts completely from the first two, leaving Laurie Strode out of the story (apart from showing a picture) and Carpenter himself opted out of this movie as well. No real explanation is given as to how Michael and Dr. Loomis survived the events in the hospital, in Halloween II and all we can see are some (non consistent) burn marks (Loomis’s marks change during the movie) so that is a bummer to start with.

This time Myers is after his niece, the daughter of his ‘sister’ Laurie Strode, Jamie. She dreams of the boogeyman and is pestered for being Myers’ niece at school. But when Myers returns to Haddonfield on Halloween night, she has to face her biggest fear.

Myers is more devious in this movie as he cuts down phone lines and disables Haddonfield’s electricity and eventually butchers down the entire police force, so no one can come and help.

But then there’s Dr. Loomis, the only possible help to stop ‘Evil on two legs’

Bad acting and an unrealistic portrayal of Myers makes this movie a bit of a dud, unfortunately. As I said, I fear for the two sequels, they can only get worse… or not?

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