Into the Gloom podcast

What is it about?

The Into the Gloom Podcast is thé podcast for fans of indiehorror authors, because Thomas Gloom, himself a great indie author, interviews several other indie authors about their works, about their love for horror (every podcast is a different author who themselves chose a theme, a certain subgenre of horror) and he takes them (and his listeners) to, what he calls, the Carpenter Shed and the King’s Corner… (more on this below)

Where can we listen?

I listen on Spotify but on Thomas Gloom’s youtube channel you can listen and watch the episodes. Best to go to his website and you’ll get all the links.

Who has he already interviewed?

Too many to name them all… no no… but I won’t spoil all the fun so I will only name a few he has interviewed, so far!

  • Christopher Badcock (author of ‘Those you Killed’)
  • Haley Newlin (author of ‘Take your turn, Teddy’)
  • Michael R. Goodwin (author of ‘Smolder’)
  • Jamie Stewart (author of ‘Montague’s Carnival of Delights and Terror’)
  • Mike Salt (author of ‘The Valley’)
  • And many more…

Is there more on the podcast?

Yes, Thomas Gloom lends his perfect ‘audiobook’ voice to read chapters from novels or novellas from the authors he interviewed and adds them as extra episodes on his podcast! A great teaser for the books you will surely read!

What are the ‘Carpenter’s Shed’ and ‘King’s Corner’?

Well, Thomas asks his guests which John Carpenter movie is their favourite and which Stephen King novel (and/or movie) is their favourite… do you have a favourite?

So, if you want to know more… go to the Into the Gloom Podcast on various channels available. And follow the man on Instagram and Twitter!


List of novels and novellas by Thomas Gloom

  • Disciples of Nergal
  • The Window
  • Voodoo Child
  • The Potted Plant
  • Stories with Horror and Heart, Vol. 1
  • Stories with Horror and Heart, Vol. 2
  • Stories with Horror and Heart, Vol. 3

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