Novella review ‘The Book of Færie (A Færie tale)’

  • Author: Kalob Dàniel
  • Publisher:
  • Publishing year: 2022
  • Number of Pages: 58 (kindle)
  • Prequel to ‘The Nexus of Destiny’
  • Series: A Færie Tale
  • My rating: 4/5
The Faeries from Vvellion


This prequel short story is about the history of faeriekind.

It starts with the creation of faeries and encompasses over 1500 years before the magic of The Veil thrusts Vvellion into the Dark Ages, which lasts 1900 years before the start of The Nexus of Destiny.


I am lucky enough to have received and ARC of the first book in ‘The Færie Tale’ series, The Nexus of Destiny to will be released in August. And Kalob Dàniel (follow that man on Instagram, he has the best comments on queer novels ànd is an amazing guy, believe me!) provided with this little prequel tale to that story, for free his website (see link above)

Normally fantasy is not my main go-to genre. I do dabble in it from time to time. I have read Tolkien’s Hobbit and LOTR saga (nothing else from Middle Earth yet though), I read almost all of the Song of Fire and Ice novels (aka Game of Thrones) and I was a witness to Weis & Hickman’s & Tad Williams’ fantasy novels and series… so it’s not that I never read fantasy, which is why I was curious about a queer fantasy series. I never read such one…

So yeah, in July I will read The Nexus of Destiny… and to prepare myself I read The Book of Færie first (I use the symbol/letter æ instead of ae because I like it best in this context) and expected something completely different from what I actually got… this is not just a random little story about a side character or a place that might be mentioned in the series… not this is a descriptive world building tale! To be honest, all fantasy series authors should write such a prequel where they explain the origins of their world. Mostly we are just thrown in the midst of the story and into a world we have to get used to first and learn all these new characters in often thick novels without ever getting a decent background. Well Kalob solved it by writing ‘The Book of Færie’ and doing just that for us.

We get to know the history of the creation of Færies in the world of Vvellion, by the last witch of Magna Magia. He created four færies, each for every element. And then they are given powers. But at first they need to learn to control these powers, resulting in a death… and that’s when all goes wrong. Wars and the breaking of the Færie rules will lead to the destruction of all that was created. And then a prophecy is uttered. It is that prophecy that will be the main storyline in the trilogy of ‘The Færie Tale’

My review for ‘The Nexus of Destiny’ will appear as soon as I read the book. I am looking forward to it, I can tell you that much. Especially after reading this!

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