ARC review ‘The Cotton Candy Massacre’ (ARC)

  • Writer: Christopher Robertson
  • Publisher: independently published
  • Publishing date: 1 July 2022!
  • Number of pages: 275 (Tolino e-reader)
  • My rating: 5/5
Delicious artwork


The book you are about to read is an account of the tragedy that occurred at the reopening of Bonkin’s Bonanza one day in the summer of 1989.

Some came looking for fun, like Candy Barton and her best friend, Leigh. Others, like Rocky Rhodes and Sully Sullivan, came looking for a second chance. Instead, they would find a twisted, funfetti nightmare.

For many of the thrill-seekers and families visiting Bonkin’s Bonanza, that day would be their last. And the events that unfolded would go on to become infamously known as The Cotton Candy Massacre.


The Greatest Showman… from Hell… with clowns! (Ain’t that the toot… tootin’ truth, ay yup!) – Cotton Candy Massacre, now on VHS and Beta Max!

I was honoured to be asked to become part of the clown posse that had the opportunity to read an ARC of this colourful cotton candy filled bloodfest.

In typical Robertson style readers are drawn into an eighties slasherparty in a carnival setting. But this story goes beyond a normal slasher. No Jason Voorhees or Freddie Krueger but a genuine group of killer clowns.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story or content so I won’t indulge in the details but just let me tell you, this here bloodfest is a party for all lovers of sadistic killings and of those who love blood dripping from the pages! And then there’s another thing I truly loved: the humour! Christopher knows how to entertain his readers. And his humour balances the bloody bits of his stories perfectly!

So grab yourself a copy (it’s available from July 1st 2022) on Amazon! Just don’t indulge your sweet tooth and stay away from any cotton candy you may find lying around… no matter how delicious it may look.

Review for ‘Goons and Grease Paint: a short story prelude to the Cotton Candy Massacre’

Before the massacre there was this little tale of crime and punishment. An origin story for one of CCM’s main characters and some more insight in Bonko’s true madness! By now I’m more than sure that Chris is one of my fav indie horror writers and I still have a few of his books to read… a great addition to the lore of Bonkin’s Bonanza this was!

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