Novella review ‘Lorna’

  • Author: Jay Darkmoore
  • Publisher: independently published
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Number of pages: 110
  • From the collecion: Tales from the Inferno Volume 2
  • My rating: 3,5/5

Synopsis: (according to Amazon)

How far would you go to prove your love to someone? Would you fight for them? Would you kill?

Christian is well-dressed, articulate, and charming. When he spots Lorna during a chance encounter, she fills his waking thoughts like a virus spreading through his brain.
Convinced fate has brought them together, despite Christian’s own…. Past, he does anything he can to win Lorna’s heart.
But does she want him? Maybe she just doesn’t know it yet. But she will.
He will make sure of it.

A dark, erotic romance that propels the reader into the depths of the psychotic narcissist mind, stalking its next victim in the name of love and obsession.
Taken from the short story collection Tales from the InfernoV2, LORNA promises the reader a thrill ride that will leave them shaking long after when the story is over.


Jay wrote a story of attraction and pulling away, testosterone raging and oestrogen fighting off that testosterone!

Chris is a gentleman, wearing the best suits, a narcissistic egotistical gentleman… a man with a mean streak and he has set his eyes on Lorna, the redhead he met on a parking lot, who’s married to Mark. His friend John is married to Cara, whom Chris knows as well from his past… and a game ensues of wanting what you can’t get and running from what you have and most of all of taking away what others have! Meet your match! How far would you go to get the love of your life to love you?

A dark romantic sexy tale, overloaded with the smell of sweat, booze and competition! Red Shoe Diaries meets American Psycho!

Although there is a sense of eeriness to the story, I was a bit lost because of the flashbacks breaking the pace of the story and confusing me at what was actually going on… but despite this I must say I found this novella easy to read, great style and it kept me thinking what it was that was going on and what was about to happen…

Trigger warning: rough sex and animal abuse.

Included in this collection of short stories

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