Book review ‘My Zombie Sweetheart’

  • Author: Christopher Robertson
  • Publisher: independently published
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • Number of Pages: 211 (kindle)
  • My rating: 5/5


Once upon a time at a drive-in…

TERROR! From outer space comes crashing to Earth, giving rise to creatures of pure-

HORROR! The likes of which the quiet little town has never seen and the-

NIGHTMARE! That befalls two old friends as they struggle to survive against impossible odds!

It’s Friday night, date night, in the quiet little town of Woodvale. For Suzie Palmer, this means hanging out at the All-Night Diner and maybe cruising up to Make-Out Point with her sweetheart. Little does she know there’s something on it’s way to Woodvale. Something cruel and insidious. Something… out of this world…

MY ZOMBIE SWEETHEART is a love letter to 1950s sci-fi movies like The Blob and Invasion of the Body-Snatchers. It’s a tale of young love, drag racing and alien invaders coming to a drive-in near you!

My thoughts:

Woodvale, a quiet little town… soon to become a place of carnage, bloodshed and the rise of the dead… how will you survive the night? 🧟‍♀️

Reminiscent of a lot of fifties (and eighties) movies, this book reads like a movie script. Fast and easy but without loosing its thrills or excitement. The book really feels like movies such as ‘Night of the Creeps’ or ‘The Blob’, and I love it for that! Also you never really know whether you’re really in the fifties setting because at times I truly believe they are the eighties… so there’s some ambiguity in its time frame, which is fun. And it is a fun read and a funny read, as well!

My Zombie Sweetheart is a lovestory, a perfect Valentine/Halloween screamer. (Valenween? Hallotine?) with hearts that skip a beat, or hearts being eaten. Blood flows in the veins of the young people in love but also in the streets, diners, houses and in the throats of the ghouls.

The youngsters of this little town are spreading a disease, with the speed of an std but far worse than one! Bites and scratches and attacks from behind are what they are known for!

They’re coming to get you, Ba… Buddy!

In a world where we are flooded with zombie movies and tv-shows like the many ‘The Walking Dead’-adaptations and spin offs, like ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Flight of the living Dead’, it’s nice to see a whole new take, with some familiar elements, of the genre. Christopher Robertson wrote it like a movie script and that’s perfectly alright in my opinion!

Fan of zombies? Fan of a lovestory, a Rome(r)o and zombie Juliet? Then this is what you’ll fancy!

This movie could have been an inspiration
The Blob might also have been an inspiration

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