Marvel Halloween Special ‘Werewolves by Night’

  • Director: Michael Giacchino
  • With: Gael Garcia Bernal, Laura Donnelly, Harriet Sansom Harris, Kirk R. Tatcher, Eugenie Bondurant, Leonardo Nam, Carey Jones
  • Music by: Michael Giacchino
  • Duration: 52min
  • Based upon the Marvel comics
  • My rating: 8,5/10


Following the death of their fearless leader, Ulysses Bloodstone, a team of elite monster hunters gathers at the towering Bloodstone Manor. It’s now time for the trackers–including the cursed aristocrat Jack Russell and the patriarch’s estranged daughter Elsa–to prepare for a ceremonial hunt to determine who will wield the Blood Gem: a mysterious, alien relic with unfathomable powers. However, as the fragrant scent of warm, bright-red blood fills the air, the masks will fall off. And on a restless, moonlit night like this, there can only be one keeper of the sacred Bloodstone. Who will take over as the monster slayers’ new chief?


So this was refreshing to say the least… funny, stylishly perfect, in black and white (mostly) which gave it an eerie but also a very classy atmosphere (reminiscent of the monster universe movies from the twenties and thirties in yonder days)

I was very much surprised by Giacchino’s talent as a director (I knew he could make really great music but this was something entirely different!) He aced it!

And I applaud Marvel ànd Disney for allowing this to be made! It’s still not a seriously haunting movie but it does give us a spooky vibe! (That transformation in the cage scene was done perfectly…)

I guess the Black and White was good for hiding any blood in certain scenes so it had that function as well!

And it introduced a few new Marvel characters, for instance Man-Thing, which I hope will be explored further in future Marvel projects!

Definitely one of the best things Marvel released these last years! (There had been a bit of decline recently with Eternals and the latest Thor movie)

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